The Human Resources department at any employer – big or small – has the unique ability to manage the most sensitive situations, while providing expertise in a number of different areas. What if we could help you manage one of your responsibilities?

If your company offers a 401k plan, you are probably familiar with some of these questions:

  • I have a 401k account at my old company.  What do I do with it?
  • I’m planning to retire next year.  Is there anything I need to know or do now with regards to my 401k?
  • Do you recommend that I contribute to our company’s 401k or start saving for my retirement on my own?
  • Is there a way for my 401k to be set-up for monthly payments when I retire?

Imagine having a library of resources to provide to your employees when they ask these questions. Or better yet, imagine having a credible advisor who could answer these questions based on years of experience.



Think about this: Have you ever had a new employee start with your company, and when they sat down with you to talk about their benefits they bring up an old 401k.  Have they asked you what they should do moving forward?  Did you know in some cases there are advantages to rolling an old 401k into an IRA?  Not to mention, they can do this and still be able to con tribute to a new 401k with your company. 

If you weren’t aware, that’s okay! That’s where we come in. We’d love to offer our support to you and your employees.

So check out our website, see how we can educate your employees and enhance your department, and reach out when you need us!


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